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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vaastu - Paryavaran and Vanaspati

Inmates of a house are happy where the sunshine is bright, flowers blossom, birds sing, proportions, ground levels, various elements and energies are balanced as per Vaastu Shastra.  As vanaspati (vegetation) is necessary to sustain life and paryavaran (environment) to give healthy growth, so is with the vaastu purush (cosmic man). Vegetation and pollution-free environment ensures life full of happiness and vitality.

Important vaastu remedies are applied through planting greenery, vegetation and trees. They being auspicious, invigorating and powerful, importantly bring nature closer. Planting certain tree in chosen direction and date can ensure successful completion of construction obstructed. Similarly, cash flow can be improved for a project on hand by application of vanaspati and paryavaran vaastu, in owner's current home or workplace.

Trees and plants draw solar energy and by the process of photosynthesis convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in daytime. This process is reversed in the night when the normal plants turn oxygen to carbon dioxide. Rare are the plants of Tulsi (ocimum sanctum) and Neem (azadirachta indica or Margosa) consuming carbon dioxide and giving the precious oxygen throughout day and night.  They are great purifiers and promote greater all round health. Such is the power of plant life that certain trees when placed in chosen direction and date (favourable constellation) can ensure success in desired areas or activities of life. It is said that the goddess of wealth lives for generations in the house in which the Bilva (Aegle Marmelos) tree is planted. It is also believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Anar Tree (Pomengranate)

Ashok (Sarca indica lim), Champa (Michelia champaka lim), Numba (Lemon), Plash (Butea monosperma) Shal (Shorea robusta gavenf) are the most auspicious in front of the house or around the main gate giving adequate space for their healthy growth. 

For auspicious occasions use of leaves of trees like Bael (aegle mamelos cow), Mango (mangifera Indica), Durga (cynadon dactyon pers), Kusha (desmostacya bigpinnata staph), Chandan (santalum album) etc. is highly recommended, especially for decorative preparations like Toran (door-top festoon decoration) and Vandanvar (hanging festoons on either side of the door).  Marigold flower plants are highly auspicious if maintained near entrance.

Brahmasthana is permitted only the Tulsi plant. Pergola is not desirable structure over your sit-out, however, if you have one make sure it is provided with good all-season creeper.

Selection of herbal variety plants is energetic and preferable apart from environment friendly plants offering pleasing fragrance and sight.  Placement should be such as not to hinder the pathways.

Bonsai trees are not recommended. Prickly plants like cacti or thorny plants should be minimal and placed in south. Comparatively sturdy plants (not requiring daily water) can be planted in the south direction. Maintenance by removal of dead leaf and branches and regular watering are important requisites. Creepers should be raised in such a way that they do not obstruct light from north and east but may do so in west and south.

Northwest region is best for a slightly raised garden ensuring continued success. Herbal plants like Tulsi and Tumbe can be placed in northeast region for fortitude and knowledge. Southwest region is good for a rock garden or heavy or large leaf bearing trees for good balance and support. Kitchen garden, however small, near the kitchen with curry leaf tree or plant promotes greater health - physical and mental.  Money plant and its varieties are heartwarming, in the modern day context. Profuse use of these is recommended for prosperity, like near the room entrances. Excellent are the money plants in glass or crystal ware when placed in bathrooms and living room.

Positive energies like sunshine and fresh air when obstructed in an abode warns the inmates of stunted growth apart from never ending ill health and failures in life. Healthy and pleasant plant life environment ensures a life recharged - spiritually, physically, materially and emotionally.

Herebelow is a table depicting plants having specific vibrations promotive of properties of each of the nine sections of vaastu purush:

Coherent plants are friendly whereas incoherent plants are unfriendly, in the shown sectors.


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